Make sure you keep your phone ready and charged. Officials are asking that you take some pictures of any flooding that you may encounter this week.

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Get our free mobile app reports that tides are supposed to be ridiculously high this week, so towns both along the shore and mainland should prepare for some pretty bad flooding situations. Why is expected to flood so badly this week? That has to do with the moon. When the moon, the sun, and the Earth all align, that creates super high tides. What happens when the tide gets too high? Flooding.

They're asking that you take some pictures and submit them HERE as officials are trying to create a database in an effort to highlight which regions of New Jersey succumb to floods the worst and most often. When you submit the pictures, the website will supplement additional information needed to expand the database such as the weather conditions at the time the photo was taken, the location, and when the most recent high tide was reported.

There's some fun in this thing for you, too. If you submit some photos, you could actually stand to profit from them in the form of some pretty cool prizes. For one, you could score an emergency kit that, if the last year's taught us anything, will certainly come in handy. It's never a bad idea to be prepared. You could also score some prizes in the form of fun baseball hats and mugs, reveals.

South Jersey is supposed to get a lot of rain over the next few days. Make sure you're on top of your photographer game. Everything you need to know about submitting your photos can be found HERE.


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