If this weekend's weather wasn't enough of a downer for you, it's now being reported that the nasty precipitation we've experienced all weekend will hit us from all angles throughout the course of the day today. That is, if it hasn't hit you already. JOY!

Depending on what time you left the house this morning, you might have already experienced the scattered thunderstorms and torrential downpour. Driving to the station this morning was BRUTAL. I kept driving in and out of the storms; it felt like I was playing rainfall roulette!

NJ.com has a complete list of all NJ counties and the surrounding areas that need to remain on high alert for the remainder of the day. Make sure you're paying special attention to what's happening outside during afternoon rush hour. Remain aware of any and all flash flood warnings popping up throughout the day in preparation for your afternoon commute.

Now, this should go without saying, but if you encounter any streets that are flooded out, use an alternate route. It's always safest to err on the side of caution, lest we forget this weekend's traffic catastrophes. Stay safe!

Sources: NJ.com

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