Summer 2024 is officially upon us. Have you made any vacation plans yet? Summer is usually the time when a big vacation is the most convenient. For one, the kids' schedules are a lot easier to navigate since school activities are put on hold until they return in September.

If you have a vacation on the books for 2024, bet we can guess where you're headed.

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A recent survey has determined the most popular vacation destination for New Jersey residents this summer. Honestly, the answer is a bit shocking considering Jersey has a bunch of beautiful beach towns of its own. During the summer months, you'd think NJ locals would choose the tranquility of the mountains or maybe a European tour abroad.

Believe it or not, most people are choosing to stay on the North American continent for vacation during summer 2024. According to a compilation on various Google data, it turns out plenty of people are flocking south to Mexico to enjoy a little summer getaway.

Where does the world want to go for summer vacation?

So, where do Jersey residents dream about escaping to while the shoobies are taking over our beaches? Apparently, Cancun, Mexico is the place to be for summer 2024.

Are you surprised?

It would make more sense if that were where NJ people want to flock to once it gets chilly. But, to hear that people want to head to Mexico in the dead of summer when it's already plenty warm in the Garden State is somewhat of a head scratcher, isn't it?

Of course, Cancun is WHOLE different vibe compared to our shores, so if you're looking for some culture and a true escape from reality, then I guess a Mexico vacation is understandable. Not to mention, the all-inclusives usually have some pretty great deals this time of year.

Where are you planning to take a vacation this year? Let us know on the app!

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