We may have endured some super hot summer temperatures a bit early this year, but man, it sure is nice to not have to wear a coat, isn't it? I'd take hot temperatures over the freezing cold ANY DAY.

You have to love summertime here in the Garden State. Barbecues, pool parties, and beach days... does it get any better than that?

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While we've already had a few scorchers here near the Jersey beaches, we probably haven't seen the last of them.

That ultimately leads me to the question, "what part of Jersey gets the hottest?"

Hottest counties in New Jersey

Believe it or not, the warmest parts of the state are mostly in South Jersey! Out of the top three warmest counties in all of the Garden State, two out of three are in the western part of the South Jersey region, closer to Philly. If we're looking at the top ten warmest parts of the state, that covers a lot more of the Jersey Shore.

So, where can we expect to experience the warmest weather here in the Garden State this summer?

We're most likely to experience some more really hot days as the summer presses on in both Gloucester and Camden counties. So, if you find yourself heading up to the Deptford or Cherry Hill malls this summer, just know it'll be warmer up there then it is in places like Ocean, Atlantic, and Cape May counties.

The warmest counties along the Jersey Shore are, from least warm to warmest, Cape May County, Atlantic County, Ocean County, and Monmouth County.

The super hot days are not yet behind us, Jersey! It's only going to get warmer from here, that's for sure.

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