The staff and volunteers from NJ's own MMSC are always hard at work making sure the injured sea mammals in their care are getting their utmost attention so they can heal up as quickly as possible. On Monday, April 11, the Marine Mammal Stranding Center decided to let everyone watch what is, surely, one of the most rewarding parts of their job.

Which part is that?

When the animal finally gets to return home.

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The MMSC went live on Facebook Monday afternoon to show what it's like to return a recently rehabbed seal back into the wild. Make no mistake, these animals don't forget what to do in the real world while in the care of the folks at the center. That was evident in the Facebook Live that showed the release of a recent male gray seal rescue that was initially spotted in Avalon with a really bad injury to his flipper. The wound was so bad that some bone was exposed.

This seal was spotted at the beginning of March in pretty rough shape. He couldn't really use his flipper at all. Thanks to everyone at Marine Mammal Stranding Center, this guy was ready to head back into the ocean in only about a month and a half after being spotted on the beach in Avalon.

The second release of the day was another male gray seal that was rescued off of the beach in Asbury Park. He had wounds consistent with a shark bite, so had to spend some time at the center while they healed up enough for him to reenter the wild without any problems.

Both seals went back into the water in less than two minutes. Clearly, they're happy to be home.

Source: Facebook

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