North Wildwood begins the process of restoring the beach after the nor'easter that hit last month. says that 4,000 cubic yards of sand will be moved in over the next 10 days to replenish the Third Avenue beach,

About 4,000 cubic yards of sand are being hauled to the area per day, and the plan is to get about 40,000 to 50,000 cubic yards - enough to build up the area that was eroded following the storm.

Mayor Patrick Rosenello tells he would like for a more permanent solution to be put in place for future storms.

Rosenello said the city would like to put in a more permanent structure to prevent further erosion.
"We'd like to extend that seawall 1000 feet down the northeast coast of the island so we don't have to keep putting sand back, but that's a long ways away," he said.


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