Hats off to a couple from southern Ocean County who rescued a dog that was shot in the face and found wandering along Route 9 in New Gretna.

According to The Press of Atlantic City, the dog - a pit bull now named Boss - was limping along Route 9 when two people found him Friday afternoon. They stopped their car, the dog walked over, wagged its tail, and got in.

Boss is being cared for at Stafford Veterinary Hospital and a doctor there says he is no more than two years old, was taken care of, but did not have a collar on. It also appears he was shot several days ago since the wound had almost closed up. Dr. Michael Pride at the hospital told The Press,

“He had a penetrating wound on the right side of his muzzle that was actively bleeding when he came in. There was blood splattered around his body and he was limping on his hind leg, but he was wagging his tail when he came in."



X-rays revealed a bullet about an inch long lodged in the dog's neck, which may need to be removed at some point because it could cause an infection.

On their Facebook page earlier today, the hospital said, "Boss had a big day today! Early today, he ate 2 biscuits and kept them down. He was later offered chicken, but refused. The trick came when [he was] offered chicken with extra love just a few minutes ago! He accepted a couple of bites."

The veterinary hospital is accepting donations for the cost of the care. If you have any information about who shot the dog, you are asked to call the Burlington County SPCA at (609) 914-4255.

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