Let's face it, momming is HARD.

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Not that being a parent is easy for moms or dads by any means, but it's true that nine times out of ten, moms generally put in more work when a child is young. That's not because the dads are lazy or don't care, but it's because a young child's needs can normally only be fulfilled by the mom (not always, but most of the time).

For example, if a child is breastfed, the mom obviously has to take care of that. Also, moms generally get longer leave from work, etc. The stay-at-home moms in today's society, at least in my opinion, don't get as much credit as they deserve. Being a mom in general is hard, but not even having the chance to engage in one adult conversation per day has got to be so taxing on both mom's nerves and brain. It's not that she doesn't love her kids, but I'm sure she'd love to talk about something other than snacks, juice, the park, and Paw Patrol day in and day out.

This dad gets it. He walked in to find his wife struggling after a long day with the kids. Read what he posted to Facebook below to see why it's taking over the internet.

Of course, mamas that both work and take care of the children are rockstars as well, but his wife is clearly a stay-at-home parent, one whom he thought needed a little recognition of her rockstar status.

Source: Facebook

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