According to Thrillist, a Cape May bar is one of the top dive bars in the country!  There is nothing quite like a great dive bar and one of the best is in our backyard!

Mayer's Tavern is located on Schellenger's Landing just past the Cape May Bridge.

And according to Thrillist,

"Mayer's is an oceanside scallopers' bar, and on days when the weather's too bad for boats to hit the water, the salty dogs occupy their time fighting and putting their livers through endurance tests via the ultra-cheap beer. Just remember, this is a local's bar, so treat it with one respect: on a trip to the bathroom, one out-of-towner reported to us that, while at the urinal, a fisherman asked him where he was from. After a pause, he said, "You'd better watch your back around here". It was friendly advice, not a threat."

I have never been to Mayer's, but it's on my list.  I prefer a dark dive bar to a fancy "lounge" any day!

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