Facebook Marketplace is a rather interesting place to buy and sell stuff.

Now, it's even more interesting.

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A Mays Landing man is attempting to sell an already-made egg and cheese waffle.

Well, there's something you don't see everyday!

Only in Mays Landing!

A local man is listed as the seller of the tasty looking waffle. It's described as in  "Used-Good condition", and is yellow in color. The description reads, "Taste good and will please you."

In the photo, we're led to believe that the waffle comes wrapped in aluminum foil. A solid choice, I guess.

According to Facebook, the Egg and Cheese Waffle has been up for sale since Wednesday. At last check, the price had dropped from $20 to $10.

By now, you're probably shaking your head, wondering why anyone would buy a used waffle online.

Hey! Don't knock it `til you try it!

We've tried to reach out to the gentleman who posted this to ask him some questions, but he has not responded. Perhaps he's deep in deal-making for this item. Perhaps, he's getting busy making more egg and cheese waffles.

That's a point for you, Mays Landing!

UPDATE: Sadly, it now appears the Egg and Cheese Waffle is no longer on Facebook Marketplace. Was it taken down by the seller? Was it sold? Did Facebook pull it back? It looks like we'll never know.

The Egg and Cheese Waffle could have been the hero we never knew we needed. Now, well, we'll never know at all....

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