If you're the parent of an Atlantic City School District student, I have a big question for you:

Why are you not doing anything?

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Atlantic City School Superintendent is facing charges

La'Quetta Small is the Atlantic City Superintendent of Schools and is facing some serious charges.

Along with her husband, Marty Small, Mayor of Atlantic City, they face charges of abusing their teenage daughter.

The charges against La'Quetta Small include 2nd degree endangering the welfare of a child and three counts of disorderly persons simple assault.

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As of right now, the case is pending in court.

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We should assume La'Quetta Small and Marty Small are innocent

It's the way our government operates: All accused are presumed innocent until proven guilty.

So far, there is no proof of guilt.

However, there are charges. Serious criminal charges of crimes against a child.

While this case is making it's way through the justice system, why is La'Quetta Small allowed to go on with her job - as the leader of a public school system - while there are serious charges on the line?

Why hasn't the Atlantic City School Board taken any action to put her on at least a temporary leave of absence?

Her job is about HELPING CHILDREN and there are charges that she did something bad to a child!

Again, we presume she's innocent, but she is charged. Until those charges play out, shouldn't she be kept away from all things related to our children, as a precaution?

If a teacher was accused of some sort of abuse against a pupil, he or she would not be allowed to teach in that classroom until the case was solved.

Why is Small being allowed to be the leader of the school system?

The school board has met at least a couple of times since the charges have been filed. Why haven't they taken any sort of action?

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Ventnor demands action

Give credit to the Mayor of Ventnor and the Ventnor City Board of Education. They've made notice that they demand Small be removed from office.

(Ventnor is a sending district to Atlantic City. Students in Ventnor are sent to Atlantic City High School.)

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The question is, if you're a parent of an Atlantic City student - wherever you live - why aren't you doing anything? What aren't YOU demanding the school board take action.

If your child alleged abuse against a teacher, wouldn't you demand action? What aren't you demanding the same action against the top-level administrator?

This is a bizarre and unimaginable situation. Why are parents sitting on their hands, doing nothing?

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