The pandemic has brought on a lot of changes and adjustments for all of us, right?

For one, we haven't seen some of our closest friends and family for over a year now. The only people we now see on a daily basis are our significant others, our kids, and our doctors. Don't forget about your pets, though. Pets are a big one.

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Now, I can't speak for anyone else, but I'm here to testify that I have no idea where I'd be without my dog Mia after the year we've experienced. She's been my true partner, outdoor adventure buddy, and best friend ever since lockdown. Honestly, I've pretty much resorted to having full-blown conversations with her as if she'll actually answer me. I haven't gotten any solid advice out of her so far, but her head nods are pretty cute.

JM for TSM
JM for TSM

We're spending more time with our pets now than ever before thanks to the COVID-19 pandemic. With the rate at which the vaccines are getting distributed, there's a good chance many businesses will require their employees to head back into the office soon. This means all those precious memories we've been making with our fur babies could soon come to a screeching halt.

In a recent survey conducted by Banfield Animal Hospital, it's been determined that there is a good, solid chunk of people who believe if they'll be required to come back into the workplace, their dogs should be allowed to come too. In fact, almost 50% of millennials wish for their pets to become their new desk-mates.

Before you pull the "entitled millennial" card, take the following point into consideration. I'm the perfect example of why someone might think pets at work are a good idea. I adopted my dog in late October of 2019. She was only a puppy. By mid-March of 2021, we were on lockdown. I've spent every single day with her, much longer than we would under normal circumstances, since only five months into having her. At this point, she doesn't even know how to function if we're not at home. I've noticed a bit of separation anxiety start to rear its ugly head now that we've been a bit more active outside over the last week or so since we had some nice weather.

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Apparently, I'm not the only one worried about their pet's separation anxiety. 38% of people surveyed said that's exactly what they're afraid of once schedules pick up again. As it turns out, companies are listening. The survey reports that one out of two companies are trying to work on logistics regarding the possibility of pets in the workplace.

I asked you this morning your thoughts on pets at work. Is it a Yay or Nay for you? Answer on Instagram:



So far, it looks like the majority of South Jersey wants to bring their pets to work with them. Make sure you leave your comment to tell us what you think!



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