Last evening was simply one of the best summer nights at the Jersey Shore that you could ever experience.

If you have been in or around our area for any length of time, you know that we get a small handful of evenings like the one we had yesterday (Wednesday, June 24th). There was hardly a cloud in the sky, the humidity was very low, temperatures were right around 70, there was a nice breeze, and the sunset was spectacular and highlighted by a bright, full moon.

I started my evening on the Ocean City Boardwalk and it was packed. Mobbed, especially for a Wednesday. It was great seeing so many people out enjoying everything that we didn't get to do last year. Every ride was rolling, the lines both Johnson's Popcorn and Manco & Manco were impeding the flow of people trying to get by, lots of people were enjoying ice cream, people were buying t'shirts and sweatshirts, street parking was hard to find -- it was great. It was, dare I say, "normal."

As I was watching the sun get lower in the sky, I decided to make my way down West Avenue, over the bridge at Corson's Inlet, and into Strathmere where I got to see an amazing sunset and an equally impressive moonrise.

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And it was worth nothing that the air was clear last night. It's about 18 miles from Strathmere to Atlantic City and you could clearly see all of the casinos and even the blinking red lights on top of the wind farm. In fact, you could almost read the words on the front of the Harrah's building from Strathmere last night -- that's how clear it was.

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