Like their neighboring island communities to the north and south, Sea Isle City has a rich history that laid the foundation for what the town is today.  The original name of the island came after Joseph Ludlam purchased the land from a group of Quakers called the West Jersey Proprietors who were granted permission to settle the region by the Duke of York in the 1600s.  Ludlam Island was originally an area used for Joseph Ludlam's cattle and sheep to roam freely while mainlanders were allowed to come to the island for fishing and hunting with the Ludlam Family's permission.

In 1880, the island was purchased by the founder of Sea Isle City, Charles Landis, who wanted to create a seaside resort town modeled after what he experienced in Venice, Italy.  The Landis Family had the waterways and canals around the island modeled after Venice with the goal of creating a seaside resort to attract visitors, fishermen, and year-round residents.  Thanks in part to the multiple railroad lines coming onto the island from the west and north, Sea Isle City has been the home to hundreds of local residents since the late 1800s.  The northern end of the town, Corson's Inlet, and the southern end, Townsend's Inlet, originally both existed as independent areas from the borough of Sea Isle City.  Corson's Inlet was annexed to Upper Township around 1905 and was later named Strathmere with the Corson's Inlet State Park allocated around the modern-day Ocean Drive Draw Bridge.  Townend's Inlet was its own separate town (69th and south was the original US Postal Service designation). But in the aftermath of the monster "Ash Wednesday" Storm of 1962, the Townsend's Inlet section of the island would be incorporated into modern-day Sea Isle City over the following decades.

Today, Sea Isle City has continued to preserve the original concepts of Charles Landis as a seaside resort destination that has a local economy built around the fishing industry and the many vacationers who visit every year.  From Fish Alley to the Nightlife along Landis Avenue to the modernization of Townsend's Inlet, Sea Isle City has become a popular place for locals and vacationers to find a variety of places to eat while maintaining the rich history of the island. Here are 37 restaurants to check out in Sea Isle City this Summer:

37 Restaurants to visit in Sea Isle City, NJ (Alphabetical Order)

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