Our prayers have finally been answered. One New Jersey pizzeria has combined New Jersey's favorite foods, pizza and pork roll. Why hasn't this been a thing before? Why have we had to wait for such a glorious food to exist? Joe Rotisseria has answered those prayers with their Taylor ham and cheese pizza.

I know, I know, "Taylor ham" doesn't exist. They are very incorrect with their naming because it should be pork roll and cheese pizza. We will give them a pass this time.

Joe Rotisseria in Roselle Park is known for their crazy pizzas so it comes as no surprise they are making a pork roll pizza.

The crust is made from a pepperoni stromboli, making it the ultimate Jersey pizza.

Some of the other crazy pizzas the restaurant offers include taco pizza, General Tsos with rice and broccoli, alfredo bowtie pasta with seafood, and onion fritter.

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