Some people are grumbling about the mild, snow-free winter so far here in South Jersey, but let's not forget what we went through one year ago today.

It was December 26th and 27th, 2010, and a massive nor'easter moved up along the East Coast at just the right distance from the shore to dump one to almost three feet of snow on South Jersey. Officially, 20.1 inches of snow fell at Atlantic City International Airport -- a new all-time single snowfall record. Dennisville in Cape May County received just over 26 inches of snow, 28 inches in Toms River, and 30 inches of snow fell in Brick.

One year later, we have temperatures in the 50s today with rain falling. Looking at the forecast, there's no snow or even cold weather in the near future. But keep in mind, we still have about 85 days of winter ahead of us -- keep that snow shovel handy.

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