Alexa, play John Mellencamp - "Hurts so good."

How would you like to wake up sipping on a hot, robust cup of... Jalen Hurts?

NFC Championship - San Francisco 49ers v Philadelphia Eagles
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Yeah, Philadelphia Eagles' star quarterback Jalen Hurts is a limited-edition coffee flavor now! And he sounds delicious.

ReAnimator Coffee Roaster, a specialty coffee roaster in Philadelphia has just released a limited-edition coffee blend inspired by Jalen Hurts. It's called the Foles-gers Hurtscafe blend.

Ha! "Foles-gers." See the other play on words there? (Too bad Foles doesn't play for the Birds anymore.) If you want to stay on a victory high with a cup o' joe (or cup o'Jalen) in the mornings leading up to the Super Bowl, you can grab a bag of Hurtscafe for $20.

What's in the blend? You'll find notes of "Toasted Almond, Brown Sugar, Cocoa, Victory" according to the product page. Victory sounds delicious!

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If you buy a bag, it's going for a good cause! $5 from every sale will go to The Fund for the School District of Philadelphia!

Check our ReAnimator's full array of coffee blends and merchandise. You can taste their delicious coffee in 6 different locations around Philadelphia, like Port Richmond, Fishtown, Kensington, and South Philly to name a few.

Go ahead and check out their Instagram page @reanimatorcoffee!

However, no matter how delicious this coffee is, it won't taste as sweet as a victory against the Kansas City Chiefs at the Super Bowl!

Let's go Birds!

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