Do you remember what it was like in middle school? I certainly do. In a word, middle school was tough. Whether you're dealing with mean girls or bullies or just trying to figure out who you are and where you fit in, those formative years are some of the most influential in any person's life. A big change during that time can really impact a student's emotional well-being.

That's exactly what both students and parents are afraid of for the 2023-2024 school year in Egg Harbor Township, Atlantic County. Reportedly, the district has decided to adjust the boundaries that determine to which middle school Egg Harbor Township children will attend. It's an attempt to make class sizes smaller and to maximize the district's resources in terms of transportation, but not everybody seems to be on board with the plan.

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To put it simply, there will be students currently attending Alder Middle School that will have to transfer over to Fernwood Middle School next year and vice versa.

Parents and students alike have expressed their thoughts regarding the boundary shift on a locally-based EHT Facebook group. Some people are saying that this is a great example of life and how it's always changing. Those people think this will be a good lesson for the students in making new friends and adjusting to a new environment.

There are others, though, that say ripping middle school-aged kids away from their friends and all that they know might do more harm than good. Of course, everybody seems to be divided on whether or not the change will have a positive or negative impact on the kids.

It wouldn't take effect, however, until September 2023, so at the very least, students will finish out the school year at the school in which they are currently enrolled.

To see what the community has to say about the boundary reassignments and to join the conversation, click HERE.

Source: Facebook

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