If you grew up in Jersey over the last 50 years, chances are you took at least one to two trips up to Jackson per year to experience the thrill that is Six Flags Great Adventure.

With some of the most epic rides in existence, Great Adventure is basically a right of passage for anyone from South Jersey. Let's face it, if you were too little to ride Kingda Ka when it first opened, you couldn't wait for the day to come when you finally could. In fact, you probably ran straight to it as soon as you arrived at the park to see if you were tall enough. That is, obviously, if the ride was actually running that day.

The president of the park made a huge announcement earlier this year claiming that the park's rides will soon be completely solar powered. Clean energy is apparently a priority to those in charge, which is pretty exciting to hear. In a Facebook video published by Staten Island Advance, the park's president, John Winkler, says the goal is to limit Great Adventure's dependence on fossil fuels that are harmful to the environment.

The solar panels will fill up a designated section of the parking lot and won't infringe on any part of the surrounding protected pine barrens or wet lands. Yay for environmental protection!

Check out the video below!

Source: Facebook

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