We've said it before and we'll say it again: Jersey's not exactly known for being cheap.

Nope, quite the opposite. In fact, unless you have absolutely no idea about the value of a dollar, then you know that the Garden State is pretty expensive in just about every category there is when it comes to spending money. Buying a home and raising a family here in New Jersey isn't cheap, but when you think about how close you are to so many different places and experiences, most people come to the conclusion that it's worth it.

Still, once you see those numbers on paper, especially housing prices, nobody would judge you for letting out a small (or large) gasp.

Luckily, there are a few towns in the Garden State that aren't completely awful. If you're comparing them to similar areas in, say, Pennsylvania or Delaware, then of course they're still going to be expensive. However, if you're only comparing them to other towns in New Jersey that give off similar vibes, then you'd be surprised to learn that you can probably swing living in some of these municipalities.

A list has recently been released revealing the ten most affordable places to live in the Garden State. We're happy to say that six out of the ten are actually right here in South Jersey.

Check out the list:

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