Joe and I kept emphasizing "stay safe" all week for a reason. Even though our region of South Jersey didn't get too much snow, our friends to the west of us have a very different story to tell.

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Not even thirty minutes west of us up the Atlantic City Expressway and Route 50, reports of seven to 10.5 inches of snow has been reported. The commute down our way wasn't exactly peachy-keen, so you can imagine the toll that the nasty weather took on the roads out that way. As to be expected, accidents were reported as the snow kept falling.

According to, one such accident occurred in Salem County on Tuesday when they snow really picked up for the western half of the South Jersey region. Most of the snow had fallen on Tuesday for folks out there, so it's not surprising to hear of some vehicle collisions as a result.

A 22-year-old from Logan Township, Gloucester County, had to be taken to the hospital for injuries sustained from his car colliding with a truck while driving down a Salem County road. The police only described the injuries as "serious" as the man had to be collected from his vehicle once authorities arrived on the scene.

Reportedly, the truck's passenger also sustained some injuries, however they turned out to be minor.  Read more HERE.



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