Operation Safe Haven, a 277 acre compound in Franklinville, will now act as home to 60 struggling former service members, for free.

NJ.com reports on the volunteer-built tiny house community that stemmed from a former U.S. Air Force veteran, Pastor Donnie Davis. If anyone knows what our returning service men and women go through, it's this guy. He expressed to NJ.com that the military doesn't provide much in terms of preparation in returning to civilian life. The community provides everything a veteran that's down on his or her luck could need including rehab services. It's actually a pretty amazing idea.

There's been one veteran housed in the campground community compound so far and Sigmond Ronis of Vineland, a Korean War veteran, is next. Volunteers worked all last week in preparation of Ronis' late October move-in date.

Construction continues as a new lakeside pavilion and community center are set to be completed sometime next year.

For information on Operation Safe Haven and how you can get involved, click HERE!

Source: NJ.com

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