A local "fat guy" is going to be on national television on Sunday.

"Fat Guys in the Woods" airs on The Weather Channel and in each episode, a survival expert takes three "average Joes" out to the woods to teach them survival skills.

In this Sunday's episode, Chris Marotto, of Bayville, will be one of the featured survivalist-wanna-bes.

According to The Weather Channel, on this week's show:

Creek Stewart shows this week’s three average Joes (Chris Marotto, Gary Hess, and Eric Pikey) how to create innovative survival tools out of everyday items on a soggy island in Florida’s Dead Lakes swampland. The guys put their “MacGyver” skills to the test as they make their own backpacks out of garbage bags, shelter out of duct tape and a fire using only ash and…get this…a tampon. For water, they build a well that allows water to seep through the earth for filtration. When the guys are unleashed on their solo day, their creativity comes alive when each of them comes up with ingenious ways to capture food using washed-up junk (minnow trap, crawfish grabber and blow gun).