Every December 4th, the US celebrates a pretty special holiday for all those with a significant sweet tooth.

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It's National Cookie Day! Not to be confused with National Chocolate Chip Cookie Day that occurs in August, National Cookie Day is an equal opportunity cookie celebration. In celebration of the just-for-fun holiday, several places in South Jersey are giving away free cookies as well as offering deals on other items today only.

Here are just some of the places South Jersey residents can score on some good deals for today.

  • 1

    Mrs. Fields

    Quarter at the Tropicana

    Head to the Trop for a cookie courtesy of Mrs. Fields. The best part is they're open 24 hours, so you can swing by when you have a free minute and are in need of a little sugary pick-me-up.

  • 2


    Subway is launching its new cookie flavor in time for the celebration. You can grab their new Dark Chocolate Cherry Cookie tomorrow for just $1. I know we said 'free cookies', but one dollar isn't too bad to sample a new flavor.

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    Millville, Cumberland County

    Cumberland County residents will be stoked to hear that if they swing through the Sonic drive-thru, they'll be able to score some corn dogs for just 50 cents each.

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