This isn't the first time I've bragged on my Mia girl and it certainly won't be the last.

I'll just come out and say it: I'm a crazy dog mom. Guess what? I'm not sorry for it, either, haha! Yesterday was National Rescue Dog Day. It's a day that hits my heart a little bit harder over the last year or so. We adopted my 2-year-lab mix about four months before COVID-19 hit and I cannot tell you how much of a joy it's been to have her by my side throughout the last year and a half.

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With the world turned upside down and so much uncertainty at every turn, it was a blessing to have the unconditional love rescue pups give. That's not to say that dogs acquired through a breeder aren't full of love, too. Of course they are! There's something special about rescues, though. It's an added layer of appreciation, I think. They know you saved them and they love you to death for it.

Whenever I had a rough day over the past year, Mia could tell. She wouldn't leave my side until she felt like I was feeling better. For that, I'll be forever grateful for.

JM for TSM
JM for TSM

Since I know I'm not the only one who has the privilege of sharing my home with a rescued fur baby, I figured I'd extend the invitation to you, our listeners, to show off your precious rescues on our Facebook page! Let me just say, you did NOT disappoint!

Check out the pics of all the fur babies that were sent to us below and feel free to add your own if you haven't already in the comments!

Don't forget to give your pup some extra loving this weekend!

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