Dog's best friend might just be a New Jersey State Trooper!

New Jersey State Police say Trooper Theodore Heim of Port Norris made a life-saving rescue of a dog back on July 4th in Maurice River Township.

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According to State Police,  here's how the rescue happened:

Trooper Heim received a call from a 74-year-old Maurice River Township resident stating that his dog had fallen off his dock and was stuck in the water.

Trooper Heim arrived on scene and observed the dog trapped under the dock struggling to keep his head above water. Trooper Heim knew he needed to act fast, so he entered the water, risking his own well being, and swam under the dock to free the dog. He then swam the dog safely back to shore.

Police say that Heim did, in fact, save the dog's life, highlighting how far troopers will go to help out the people of New Jersey.

Well done, Trooper Heim! Well done!

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