Remember the old days...when you used to have dinner...then grab the camera, focus it, and take a picture of your food? You'd then take the roll out of the camera, drop it off at the Fotomat place, and you'd pick it up a few days later.... Then, you'd pick out the best photo of your food, go back to the Fotomat, drop off the negative, get copies of the photo made....then, pick them up a few days later. You would then take the photos, put them in envelopes, add stamps, then run down to the post office and mail the pictures of your dinner to all your friends. Remember all that?

Of course not! You didn't used to take photos of your food - why are you doing it now?

Studies show Facebook would be much less traveled if people just stopped taking pictures of their food!

Apparently your friends on Facebook aren't the only ones tired of this practice.Some restaurants are now banning picture taking in their dining rooms since all the camera flashes are disrupting the ambiance and disturbing other diners.

If you eat a nice meal and don't take a photo, did it really happen?