We have a lot of dumb laws here in the U.S. and the law against Kinder Surprise Eggs is one of them.

The Kinder Surprise is a candy, which is very popular in Europe, that was formerly illegal in the U.S. This past November they announced that they would be making their way across the pond, but with a few changes. Sadly, you still cannot get the "real" Kinder Surprise here in the U.S. No you cannot have them shipped here from a European country, it is illegal to import them into the U.S. Crazy right? All of this over a candy!

Why were the Kinder Surprises outlawed in the first place? Well, inside the chocolate egg is a prize for kids. The Kinder Surprise Eggs come with a real surprise inside, a toy. This isn't a Crackers Jacks' toy, which let's face it, isn't a toy anymore. Inside the eggs is what looks like a giant plastic pill and inside that is a cool toy. Lawmakers feared that American kids would choke on the surprise inside.

Clearly that plastic container is WAY too big to accidentally swallow. I also love how it is yellow to look like a yoke.

The egg itself is VERY different from the Kinder Joy (the U.S. version has a different name too). The original version is a hard egg with a hard sweet cream inner shell. Here in the U.S., we have half an egg, a softer sweet cream, two chocolate covered wafer balls, and a soft chocolate bottom. Very much different from the original. Also different is the toy is completely separate from the egg. When you open up the packaging, the "egg" only takes up half of the container and the toy is separated with a thin plastic covering on both halves.

The big questions are, how does it taste and are the toys cool?

Watch to find out!

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