The biggest weekend in the history of country music in South Jersey has come and gone, just like that.

The region waited two years to finally see this weekend through, and to say it was an amazing experience is a gross understatement. Every single person involved in this weekend was wonderful from the performers down to the concert-goers. For this being the festival's first rodeo in Wildwood, we couldn't have asked for it to go off any better.

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While there's no denying that the Barefoot staff did an excellent job making sure everything went off without a hitch, the real MVPs of the weekend were all of the local volunteers who donated their time to make sure all of the attendees had a blast. To feel so strongly about ensuring an epic experience for all truly shows just how great South Jersey's residents' hearts are.

To all the volunteers, thank you so incredibly much for all of your hard work. You put in so much time and effort, even having to brave the elements to make sure that everyone in attendance was happy and safe. It takes a selfless heart to put in the time you did this weekend. There's no doubt that all who bought tickets are thankful for your passion and desire to have the festival be a success.

A success, it certainly was.

It's even been confirmed that Barefoot will be back for the second year in a row! Next year's Barefoot Country Music Festival has already been scheduled! Mark your calendars for late June of 2022, because Wildwood will be invaded by country music once again in less than a year's time!

Didn't get to go to the concert this year? No worries!

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