At this point, after reading the headline,  you're probably saying to yourself, "Wawa has pizza?"

Why yes, Virginia, they do!

Well, some of them do. Not all, some.

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I was contacted by Denise, who's the manager of the Wawa on the Black Horse Pike (Route 40) next to Shore Toyota in Mays Landing. Denise offered to bring us some Wawa pizza to try personally. Her location is one of the few locally that serves pizza.

Thursday afternoon Denise and Alyssa came by our studios with two pizzas - one pepperoni, one plain. They were so nice to deliver it to us!

I was surprised the pizza made the trip of 15 - 20 minutes and was still kind of warm!

So, some of our on-air staff sat down in the conference room and did some tastings.


Jess - who's on the air from 10 am - 3 pm did not try any. She's on some sort of healthy eating binge. Nice, Jess. Nice.

That left Jahna and me from the Morning Show and Chris Coleman, who you hear from 3 - 7 pm every afternoon.

We dug in.

Honestly, we were all pleasantly surprised! It wasn't what we were expecting - it was much better!

The three of us agreed that it was better pizza than some of the national chains like Domino's, Little Caesar's, and Papa John's.  It was good competition for local South Jersey pizza places.

Here's a recap of what each of us thought:

Chris Coleman: "The sauce lacks oomph. Crust is better than expected. This pizza serves its purpose and isn't bad - I'd get it again."

Jahna Michel: "The sauce is salty, not sweet. I like the ratio of sauce to cheese. I like the crust. This pizza doesn't taste frozen."

Joe Kelly: "It needs a little more sauce. I like the sauce, it just needs more. I'd get this pizza again." I thought it made for a nice, easy lunch.

The three of us banded together and gave it an overall score of B. It's good pizza, good for Wawa, but it doesn't beat some of the really good pizza places in our area.

We'd love to know what you think of Wawa's pizza!

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