Don't get me wrong, a well dressed lawn looks beautiful. But let's be real, the odds of you finding grass in a beach town are like 1 in every block. 

Well, because YOU'RE DOWN THE SHORE...It's called sand and rocks!

In which case, if you are the lone beach-house that has grass, well...

you're Sh!t out of luck...literally.

Credit: Rachel Marie TSM
Credit: Rachel Marie TSM

Other then having to maintain it in the heat, the #1 most awful reason it SUCKS to have grass at your beach house is because of DOGS.

They're going to gravitate towards that one patch of grass, THAT YOU HAVE, to go potty on. Which obviously, will kill your grass. And that SUCKS.

And hey! Don't blame us, the owners! Obviously I'm not gonna intentionally walk my dog to YOUR nicely groomed lawn to let her go. And trust me, I feel awkward letting it happen too, but when mother nature calls, she calls! And a dog's trained instinct is to go on the grass! (Don't worry I pick it up)

But If you want someone to yell at, chat with the boardwalk police who won't let me walk my dog on the boardwalk until 7pm! Until then, my doggy's gotta go somewhere!

P.S. Yes I did take a picture of my dog pooping.

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