Hate to say it, but there's only about a month and half left til little Johnny is all set to start grade *blank*.

Without fail, the weeks following the Fourth of July always mean thoughts of school shopping, packing school lunches, and school stats in general start to creep back into the forefront of our brains.

If you're a parent, you're always thinking about the quality of your child's education. Well, if you're a good parent, that is. So, South Jersey residents, take a look at the best school districts this region has to offer. When compared to your own, do these districts deserve their spot? Patch.com compiled a huge list of all the New Jersey school districts less than a year ago, so this is where our top five stand so far when the findings from Patch.com and Schooldigger.com's test score updates are combined. Check it out:

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    Southern Regional School District


    Southern Regional School District serves Manahawkin, just up the parkway near LBI. Coming in at number 87 on Patch.com's list, the school is number 5 on this list due to its ratings for resources, facilities, and academics.

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    Egg Harbor Township School District


    So, Patch.com has EHT schools coming in at number 67, so naturally, they make it into our top five. The student-teacher ratio plays a huge part in EHT scoring a spot on the list.

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    Margate City School District


    Coming in at 95 on Schooldigger.com's rankings based on the test scores from 2017-2018, Margate getting into the top 100 is a big deal. Keep in mind, too, that Schooldigger.com is rating ALL New Jersey schools, not just the ones in our region, so this is a huge thumbs up to MCSD!

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    Linwood City School District


    Schooldigger.com ranks Linwood schools 51st in the state. They're test scores boosted their rank by seven spots in just one year alone. Keep up the great work!

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    Ocean City School District

    Ocean City

    This is definitely not the first time the Ocean City School District ranked number one on a 'Best of South Jersey' list. Patch.com has OCSD ranked at 40 while the top ones aren't in our region.

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