Soulmates don't exist....

At least in the stereotypical definition of the word. The idea that there's only one person you'll connect with on an intimate level seems absolutely ludicrous.

I believe in the idea of a soulmate, sure, and I do believe that sometimes they end up as our significant others, but that doesn't always happen. I believe a soulmate can be a different person at different stages of our lives. I also FIRMLY believe that a soulmate isn't always necessarily a significant other.

I know you're probably asking yourself "I wonder who hurt her to make her so bitter?" While I have had my fair share of heartbreaks (who hasn't?), this opinion has nothing to do with any unfinished business or ex drama. On the contrary, in fact. This belief stems from losing close friends that I never even dreamed would ever fall out of my life.

In my experience, sometimes a soulmate is someone that is meant to be present in your life for a reason during a particular time in your life. Usually, they always teach you a lesson, help you through a trauma, etc.

There's a phrase spawned from Grey's Anatomy that refers to someone being someone else's "person". I believe in that idea more than I believe in the idea of a soulmate. Someone is your "person" if they're the first person you vent to, bounce ideas off of, etc. I know it sounds like the same idea as a soulmate, but this idea is not referring to a significant other. It can be your best friend, your cousin, your sister-in-law, anyone.

Bottom line: a "person" is a platonic, non-romanticized version of the stereotypical idea of a soulmate. I can get behind the idea of everyone having a "person" a lot faster than can buy into the idea of a soulmate.



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