One of the early signs that fall has arrived is the sightings of bright, orange pumpkins everywhere. From roadside stands to farms to front porches, pumpkins are a sure sign of the season. As we get closer to Halloween we start to see all kinds of jack-o-lanterns carved out in all sorts of designs.

There are tons of different things that can be carved onto pumpkins. We peeked around the web and found 5 designs that are totally South Jersey- ones that would mean something special to those of us who live here.

Check them out and see if you agree!

1. The Eagle's Pumpkin

With pumpkin carving season smack in the middle of football season, it is only natural for South Jerseyians to carve their favorite logo into their pumpkins. A little mix of fall and team spirit!


2. The Lighthouse Pumpkin

New Jersey is home to 11 lighthouses, with most of them located in South Jersey! So naturally we felt that a lighthouse fits right into our list.


3. Wawa Pumpkin

When we associate Wawa with pumpkins, it is often for their pumpkin spice goodies that we enjoy all season. Those true Wawa lovers might even take an attempt to carve their logo into their pumpkin!


4. The Jersey Devil Pumpkin

While there may be devil pumpkin designs world wide the ones here in South Jersey pay tribute to our own Jersey Devil who is rumored to roam the woods of the Pine Barrens. Better be careful with this carving, he may decide to pay you a visit!


5. Bon Jovi Pumpkin

Ahh, Bon Jovi holds a special place in South Jersey hearts. Whether you are carving his face or simply a tribute to his name/band, Bon Jovi pumpkins are unique and definitely scream New Jersey!

Suzanne Chesney
Suzanne Chesney

If you've tried any of these before feel free to share your pumpkin picture with us in the comments- we'd love to see them! Good luck to all pumpkin carvers this year.



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This blog was written by Nicole Alexander, a freelance writer at Townsquare Media South Jersey. 

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