We knew it was happening, now we know when.

Starting August 18th, if you have the 609 area code, and you want to call someone else with a 609 area code,  you'll need to put that 609 area code in.

The new area code, 640, will go into service on September 17th, with the code being assigned to new numbers. With the 640, you'll also need to dial the area code.

Both the 609 and 640 codes will cover the exact same area of South Jersey - it's called an area code overlay.

So, there you go. If you want more information, Verizon Wireless has some details here.

My question: If you have a 609 Tattoo, are you now required to get a 640 Tattoo as well?

Thanks for reppin' the 609 and the 640!

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