Have you done any real estate shopping in Ocean City, lately?

When I decided to try to find the most affordable single home in Ocean City, I guessed that a fair price would be in the $700-$800,000 neighborhood.

I found that, with that guess, I was in the wrong neighborhood.

Why a Single Home in Ocean City?

I like single homes. I saw lots of two or three-unit condominiums available in Ocean City (not that they were especially affordable), but far fewer single homes. Especially, affordable single homes.

How Did I Determine the Most Affordable Single Home in Ocean City?

I did a considerable amount of shopping through the Ocean City multiple listing ads and this was the house I kept coming back to. There were a couple of other single homes available that were a little more affordable but they came with substantial limitations that weren't right for this project.

If you want a one-room, one-bath bungalow, you can probably beat this home's price. I was looking for a home that had at least three or four bedrooms and at least two bathrooms.

What Does This Home Offer?

My affordable home choice has five bedrooms and three full baths. It has an open layout and it's in a popular section of town, all of which are big selling points for renting it or living in the house.

Is This the Nicest House Available In Ocean City?

Not even close. This home is a somewhat modest home by Ocean City standards. It is a nice house, but it is not in the same league as the $4 million Mc Mansions.

Just How Much is This House?

The house is selling for $1,190,900. That's reduced $57,000 from when it first went on the market three months ago.

At That Price, Is This House Really Affordable?

Well, that depends on how much money you have.  At $1.2 million, I would honestly have to say... no, it's not affordable.

That turned into the point of this exercise. I couldn't find any truly affordable houses in Ocean City. Not now. Maybe, not at any time.

Let's take a look anyway at what might be the most affordable single house in Ocean City.

This Might Be the Most Affordable Single Home In Ocean City

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