Rowdy shoppers are expected during the holiday season, but this story took things to a whole new level.

Three teenagers were allegedly assaulted outside of the Deptford Mall in Gloucester County over the weekend. 6ABC spoke to the three girls who've said they believe the assault was a result of them not pulling out of their parking spot. Taylor McFadden, one of the three victims, explains that she had attempted to signal the women to let them know that she wasn't ready to pull out of the spot yet, but once the car had parked, it was too late.

According to McFadden, two women exited the car, walked up to her vehicle, and starting hitting, punching, and kicking the three teens repeatedly while making racially charged slurs at the girls.

McFadden called the police who are currently still investigating. The attackers took off, but according to 6ABC, not before McFadden was able to obtain at least a portion of the license plate number.

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