Long before video games and cell phones, kids played outside.

It wasn't always organized activities run by parents. Sometimes it was fun spur-of-the-moment games that literally erupted in someone's backyard. All the neighbor kids would show up and play games like RedLight/Green Light, Red Rover, Kick the Can, Freeze Tag, Flashlight Tag, and Kickball.

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Now - in 2022 - the City of Linwood Board of Recreation is putting together a kickball tournament for kids!

(SIDEBAR: Do kids today even know how to play kickball?)

The tournament will be played on Memorial Day in the city's All Wars Memorial Park. There are several age groups that will participate, and all teams are co-ed.

Teams can register as a team, or kids can register individually and be placed on a team.

Thinking back, wouldn't it have been fun to have your own neighborhood kickball team when we were growing up?

We read through the details and it doesn't say whether or not participants have to be residents of Linwood.

It really sounds like a lot of fun - and as a former over-bearing sports parent, let's hope parental participation is minimal and the kids can just have fun with other kids!

Here are some of the details, as shared on Facebook:

The Board of Rec is throwing its first kickball tournament and it will go down on Memorial Day at All Wars Memorial Park! First kick will be at 11 am.
The tournament will be a single-elimination bracket and there will be 3 age groups: 8 & Under, 9-11, and 12-14. A player's age is determined by birth year (ex. if the player was born in 2012, then they are considered to be 10).
Teams are co-ed and should consist of 8-12 players per team. Players should only be registered to play on one team; not multiple teams.


Way to go Linwood! Happy Kickball Day!

SOURCE: Linwood Recreation Department.

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