It's a narrative you've heard more than once.

A mom has pleaded to dads everywhere via Facebook to be a little bit more proactive when it comes to assisting with household responsibilities. The message especially resonates this time of year because moms everywhere are tired.

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The holidays wear you out, especially moms. Hate to say it, but in a lot of homes, the majority of that responsibility (and all others) falls on the mother. One such mom took to Facebook to plead with dads to be a little more insightful when it comes to things that need to be done around the house and with the children. Read:

Of course, there are certainly exceptions to this. There are awesome dads out there. However, any study will show you that mom wears the most hats. Sometimes, because of that, it's hard to have to dictate to someone what needs to be done. Look around. House look messy? Clean it up. Laundry in the hamper? Throw a load in. Kid needs to get to an activity? Take them!

Bottom line is, mamas need help and don't have time to give you a "to-do" list. Use your eyes, get off your butt, and start pulling your weight.

Source: Facebook

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