We've all had those days...

Wether it'd be a bad break up, a bad day at work, or simply just a bad day. We all have that go-to food that helps us get right back up!
(like pooh eats honey)

Well, that at least makes the day just a tad bit better...

Here's the Top 10 Comfort Foods according to a survey by Ranker.com:

  • Credit: Ju-Lee, Thinkstock
    Credit: Ju-Lee, Thinkstock

    Grilled Cheese Sandwich

    TBH, if you told me this 5 years ago I'd say this is absolute insanity. I strongly disliked grilled cheese for the longest time.

    But something came over my heart when that gooey-goodness wrapped around my heart and was put at ease by it's close companion, tomato soup

  • Credit: Ekaterina Minaeva, Thinkstock
    Credit: Ekaterina Minaeva, Thinkstock


    For those of you that are saying this is too vague, take it back. Any and ALL chocolate is comforting in a time of need. Chocolate actually contains tryptophan, which causes the brain to make serotonin aka high levels of elation aka instant happiness.

    Ladies, you know what I'm talking about...

  • Credit: Olga Nayashkova, Thinkstock
    Credit: Olga Nayashkova, Thinkstock


    I've stood outside a Domino's pizza for it to open at 10 am before... just saying. It was a hard night okay?!

    "Rachel, why the heck are you eating Domino's pizza when you're from Jersey?!"

  • Credit: OlgaMiltsova, Thinkstock
    Credit: OlgaMiltsova, Thinkstock

    Ice Cream

    This is definitely MY go-to comfort food. Why it's not number 1 is beyond me. All I know is, a great big hug from my buddies Ben & Jerry make the day a whole lot better.

  • Credit: Chen Ping-hung, Thinkstock
    Credit: Chen Ping-hung, Thinkstock

    French Fries

    Can we add cheese to the beginning of this... Cheese fries is where it's at. OR, or...French fries and a frosty from Wendy's so you can dip them. YUM. #comfort

  • Credit: BWFolsom, Thinkstock
    Credit: BWFolsom, Thinkstock

    Macaroni & Cheese

    My. Favorite. Food. EVER. Ask me if I've eaten an entire box of craft before...jk don't ask. But why isn't this higher on the list?!

  • Credit: Thinkstock
    Credit: Thinkstock

    Chocolate Chip Cookies

    I could actually eat and entire batch of chocolate chip cookies.
    Wait, strike that, I wouldn't even make it to the actually cookie part because I'd eat an entire tub of cookie dough if I could...#realtalk

  • Credit: bhofack2, Thinkstock
    Credit: bhofack2, Thinkstock

    Mashed Potatoes

    To be honest I've NEVER thought of this as a go-too comfort food. But a few of our listeners said this should be number 1!

    Just pass the gravy and LOTS of it...

  • Credit: bhofack2, Thinkstock
    Credit: bhofack2, Thinkstock

    Fried Chicken

    Not for me... but if someone put a bucket of KFC in front of my face, who am I to deny it?! However, it reminds me too much of the movie dodgeball...

  • Credit: MarianVejcik, Thinkstock
    Credit: MarianVejcik, Thinkstock

    Spaghetti & Meatballs

    Ever heard of pasta sunday? Sunday sauce? Well if you haven't, Italian's basically have meatballs and some sort of pasta every Sunday. And lets just say it definitely helps the "Sunday Scaries" go away...

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