After watching Scotty McCreery dance with his new wife on-stage at his home state show in North Carolina, no doubt your heart is bursting! There are so many engagements and weddings happening in country lately, you can't help but daydream about what these fabulous events were/will be like. The venue, the food, the dress, THE DANCE.

Which prompts the question: What song will they share their first dance to? If you're curious about the hottest country couples' music selections or looking for suggestions for your own upcoming nuptials, any of the songs on this list will be perfect for your big day. Why? It's all in the lyrics. I mean, come on! With lyrics like "We're gonna see the good times love each other through the bad. It's gonna hurt like hell when we lose our moms and dads. So let my shoulder hold your tears, Walk beside me through the years. Baby let's see, where this love could lead" (Grow Old, Florida Georgia Line), talk about the ultimate swoon.

You've seen these before, but this list is different. To make this list, the songs have had to be released within the last decade. So, here's the list of the top five hot country songs you should consider for your first dance.

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    1. Florida Georgia Line - Grow Old

    Dig Your Roots
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    2. Kane Brown - Heaven

    Kane Brown (Deluxe Edition)
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    3. Jason Aldean - You Make It Easy

    Rearview Town
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    4. Blake Shelton - God Gave Me You

    Beyond the Wall
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    5. Brett Eldridge - Mean To Me

    Bring You Back

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