New Jersey is home to some of the best colleges in America.

No, seriously... more than one NJ college makes it into the top 200. Shocked? Most people are. Especially when they learn that Princeton is ranked number one. Princeton is always in the top 10 due to it's Ivy League classification, but comes in at #1 for 2018. Probably not your top choice if one of your primary goals is to save money, but it's still cool to say that the best university in the country calls NJ home.

With this knowledge, how are you supposed to decide which one to attend if so many of them have your desired major? For most potential students, it often comes down to the tuition. reports these schools as some of the best choices for the money.


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    NJ Institute of Technology

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    Rowan University

    Located in the heart of South Jersey, Rowan has come along way since its days as Glassboro State. Once known as a teaching college, Rowan has grown astronomically; they've expanded the campus by adding classes in Camden and even added a medical school. Rowan's communications programs also deserve honorable mentions. The university is national ranked at 182.

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    Ramapo is located in Mahwah, NJ and is often mistaken for a private institution. Potential students can get involved in any of the 100+ extracurriculars and organizations while majoring in just about anything. According to U.S. News and World Report, one of the best attributes of Ramapo is its faculty to student ratio of 18 to 1. This offers students a chance to really get to know their professors. Ramapo is ranked #37.

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    Rutgers - New Brunswick

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    TCNJ, or the College of New Jersey, comes in at #35. Located in the Trenton suburb of Ewing, NJ, TCNJ is known for its close proximity to multiple cities including NYC. According to the overview by U.S. News and World Report, TCNJ offers more than 50 liberal arts programs throughout their 7 schools.

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