Two separate missing person reports have Hammonton Police on alert. Both cases involve teenage girls.

Reported missing are Angeline Arroyo, 15, and Laura Correa, 16. Correa is thought to be with her 21-year-old boyfriend. Arroyo made a quick call to her mother, from a blocked phone number - but little else is known about her whereabouts.

Here's what police have on each missing girl (via Facebook):

Angeline Arroyo - courtesy of Hammonton Police Department

*On 02/19 Angeline Arroyo (15) was reported missing to the Hammonton Police Department. She most recently had contact with her mother but it was from a blocked phone number and a very short phone call. We are asking for the help of our Facebook community to find her and bring her home to her mother. Anyone with information is urged to contact Detective Reustle at 609-561-4000 Ext 1.

Laura Correa - Courtesy of Hammonton Police

On February 19, 2019 it was reported to the Hammonton Police Department that Laura Correa (16) is missing. She is possibly with her boyfriend Arturo Castaneda-Lopez (21). Mr Castaneda-Lopez is known to operate a grey 2011 Volkswagen Jetta bearing NJ C79KNE. Anyone with information about the location of either subject is urged to contact Detective Reustle at 609-561-4000 Ext 1.


SOURCE: Hammonton Police Department