July was apparently a busy month for UFOs in South Jersey.

The National UFO Reporting Center says three unique reports were received from the greater Atlantic City area during July, with each witness reporting something a little different in the skies.

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The first report was from an incident that happened the night of July 4th in Ocean City. (Hey, are you sure they weren't fireworks?)

According to the reporting center, the witness actually reported that the incident happened shortly after Ocean City's fireworks began:

As fireworks started there was a small bright light traveling south. I thought [it] was a shooting star. Then a minute later another one. Then another, and another. All traveling south. The same distance between each one. Perfectly in the same line of travel. I pointed it out to my family, which they saw as well. Including my 12 & 10 year olds saw them. My husband said they could be satellites? Was fascinating to watch. No blinking to be an airplane, and traveling fast.

The next UFO report in July happened due to an incident in Vineland on July 7th. The witness reported information about a red light in the sky:

Around 12:17 am my boyfriend and I were outside his home. He was the first one to point out there was a “red dot in the sky”. I then looked up and saw the same thing. We both saw a circular red light in the sky that was not moving. This light looked very different from airplane lights and stars. This light was steady and did not blink. It also was red and seemed larger than a star in the night sky. I quickly took a Live Photo on my iPhone camera. I then started to record a video. While I was recording this video the light began to move and quickly shots up into the sky and disappeared. There were no clouds out either. This whole experience was no longer than 2-4 minutes.

One more incident was reported in July - in Manahawkin on the last day of the month. Here's what the witness reported:

Sitting around a backyard campfire, we saw a bright light appear to be lower than an airplane flight path and had a much brighter/white glow. It was moving in a slow, steady straight path then all of a sudden traveled further out into space until the object disappeared into the dark night. All 5 of us saw it happen. At the same time we saw an airplane in the sky and used it to compare the difference between the airplane and the unidentifiable white ball of light.

So, is there somebody or something out there?

SOURCE: National UFO Reporting Center

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