If you needed another reason to love South Jersey, here it is. One of the greatest aspects of this region is the kind-hearted people who live here. This guy is no exception. What a great Dad, am I right?

This is one special man. While out on a shopping trip this past Saturday, this Gloucester County father wanted to play a little game with his son who has special needs. He went to various stores and asked the managers if he could pose in the windows to surprise his son. It turned into a cross between "I, Spy" and "Hide-and-Seek".

Watch the video below.

This is the most heartwarming video you've seen all week. The reactions of those around them make the moment even more special. They weren't annoyed or agitated, rather they were participating in the entertainment. Such a small and selfless act seems so insignificant, but the smile on the boy's face shows that a little love and compassion go a long way. After all, what are the holidays for if not to bring joy and light to the ones you love?

Source: Facebook.com

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