Remember the old photo albums mom, dad, grandma, grandpa, or some other family member would whip out and sheer embarrassment would overwhelm you before anyone even opened it?

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We all have embarrassing photos and home movies that we never want to see the light of day. Think about that feeling getting magnified by over 100%. That's what it feels like for many celebrities when they glance back at some of their work over the years.

Shania Twain recently sat down with AARP to take a look back at some of her old music videos. Needless to say, there are some that she loves just as much today as she did when she was on the set. However, others that she once loved now are totally cringeworthy.

Shania's a legend, so is there such a thing as a 'bad' music video? That would be a negative. It's fun to follow someone's artistic arc throughout their career. It's a sign of growth as a performer. Shania's style, whatever it is today or tomorrow, will go down in history.

Source: Youtube

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