You're invited to the ultimate pasta party!

When you donate some pasta to Dominic Mercado this weekend, you're actually giving back to the community at large. Let me explain.....

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We received a message from a man named Carlos Mercado. He and his son Dominic are from Vineland where they'll be collecting food to help those in need this weekend. More specifically, Dominic has decided that for another year, he'd like to pay it forward for his birthday by collecting pasta and sauce donations.

It's a big birthday from Dominic this year. He'll be 13-years-old; officially a teenager! He hatched the idea to collect for the Vineland Soup Kitchen last year for his birthday since he couldn't do much because of COVID-19. Word spread quickly of what Dominic was trying to accomplish with the help social media. It even reached Governor Murphy's ears. When he mentioned it during one of his daily briefings last year, everybody was talking about it. Carlos, Dominic's dad, says people were showing up from all different parts of the state with donations.

Dominic hopes that for his 13th birthday, this year will be just as successful.

Dominic's been putting his love of cooking and baking to good use over the last few years. He's been baking goods and sending them to church or to the soup kitchen. He even makes them for the Code Blue Warming Center. You can even see some of his creations on his Youtube channel Dom's Donuts and Delights.

If you're interested in donating to the "pasta party", it's kindly asked that your drop off any contributions to 942 E Grant Ave in Vineland between the hours of 8:30 a.m and 5:00 p.m on Saturday, April 17th.

Source: Facebook

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