Parents have a hard job.

That goes without saying, doesn't it? Being a parent to any child has its share of hard days. Add to that the attention to detail that's necessary to adhere to when your child happens to be special needs, and you've just added a whole new set of parenting questions and obstacles to overcome.

This time of year can be especially difficult for parents with neurodivergent children. It's common for children born with neurodivergencies like ADHD or Autism to enjoy holiday activities that are more sensory-friendly than the average holiday event. Children on either the ADHD or Autism spectrums are sometimes super sensitive to light, sound, touch, etc. and can easily become overstimulated.

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Luckily, we live in a world where people are acknowledging these needs and taking it upon themselves to provide families with safe spaces for all people to enjoy the magic of the holiday season. It's a wonderful thing! An event will soon be happening in Vineland that will take into account this sensitivity.

An organization called "From We Can't To We Can" will be hosting a sensory-friendly holiday event on Saturday, December 19th. According a to a press release, the event will feature a local celebrity meet-and-greet, games, crafts, and even the big man in red himself (YAY SANTA).

Even better, children with special sensory needs will receive sensory-friendly and adaptive clothing that's been generously donated by a non-profit called the Runway Of Dreams.

The Inclusive Christmas Social is set for this Sunday, December 19th at the JuiceBox Studios in Vineland from 11a-3p.

For more information about From We Can't To We Can, check them out HERE.

The above information was generously provided to us by the founder of "From We Can't To We Can", Trinity Jagdeo, via a press release.

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