Hurricane Isaias ripped through South Jersey Tuesday morning leaving certain areas with a lot of debris to clean up.

Many are still without power with no clear answer as to when they can expect it to be restored. Most people are dealing with fallen trees and power lines, yard damage, etc. The coastal towns in South Jersey have experienced a different kind of damage. Take, for example, Avalon Marine Center.

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Avalon Marine Center is a popular dock and boat ramp in Avalon that even offers rentals. Customers who store their boats there may have quite the retrieval ahead of them today as one dock completely collapsed into the bay waters as a result of the rough waves.

Check it out:

People can be seen booking it before they, too, end up in the salt water. Hopefully, you're not one of the boat owners having to call the insurance company today. Good luck with any clean-up you have to take care of.

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