In a video from Tuesday night's Freeholder meeting in Northfield, Atlantic County Freeholder John Carman refused to apologize for his Facebook meme post last Saturday.

From the video you can see there was quite a turn out for both supporters and non supporters of this subject. Many women and men shared their opinions on the posting. Yes, you can tell us to grow up, or stop being so sensitive, and even to put on our big girl pants, etc, etc. That's okay, maybe the "joke" didn't offend you. That's your opinion. Everyone is entitled to one, and this is mine. I'm not offended by you, I'm offended by the actions of an elected official.

Many women stay home and take care of their families. So do many men. Many women also get up everyday and go to work. And hey, so do many men.

The difference is that women have had to fight tooth and nail for the same rights that men have been afforded since the beginning of time.

And you, Freeholder John Carman, even though you mentioned it was a "bad choice", by "joking" that a woman's place is in the kitchen, promotes that same archaic attitude.

The Press of Atlantic City also shared a video from the meeting, below:

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